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Training , Consultation and technology

Arnica tarh Engineers Co


The company was established in 2007 and is in the field of consulting and supervision in the field of economic services, types of construction, water and wastewater facilities, environment and technical inspection (welding and concrete).
The Arnica Consulting Engineers Company has over 25 associate degrees with a degree in doctoral and postgraduate degrees, membership in more than 12 associations and the National Committee and the National Qualification Board, qualification certification from the Assistant Directorate for Planning in 7 specialties, providing services to more than 5 countries, Having offices in Dubai and Hong Kong, and eight years of continuous and dynamic operations in 2012, was recognized as the top engineering service company.
Important Services Arnika Design Consultant Engineers
Consultation and supervision in the fields of:
• environment
• Economic
• Construction projects
• Water projects and water supply
• Technical inspection (welding and concrete)

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